tips on digital art??
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Autore:  tompitt [ sab mag 12, 2018 2:00 pm ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  tips on digital art??


i'm currently trying to use firealpaca, i have no experience with digital art and use a wacom intuos, but i really feel stuck honestly. i've been drawing traditionally for about a year, and i've only started to draw digitally a month or two ago. whenever i try to take one of my sketches and draw it on my tablet, it never looks right, and i have no clue how to color or do lineart on firealpaca, and i always delete the drawing in frustration even though i'm not even halfway done. its either because my lines look really wonky, or the fact that my coloring is awful, its always something does anyone have any tips as to how i should learn to draw digitally better and more efficiently? this problem is really eating at my self-esteem and i would really like to learn how to animate and draw on my computer.

Please help.

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