Bay Food and Wine, Clontarf.
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Autore:  greglazor [ ven giu 08, 2018 9:02 am ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Bay Food and Wine, Clontarf.


I popped into this restaurant on the clontarf road (367-370, beside the site of the old Dollymount house pub) and was surprised to find that they offered Gluten free pasta and Bread and could make many of their meals gluten free. I opted for Eggs Florentine with Gluten free bread from their Sunday .Brunch Menu and it was delicious, although the bread was so tough I couldnt cut it with my knife and fork, As they where very busy that day I can only presume that they 'refreshed' the bread once and then it was left to sit out for too long and petrify. In spite of that though, the food was very good and quite varied for a Suburban restaurant. I wouldnt recommend going on a sunday afternoon on account of all the families with their screaming children (Unless you're part of one, then you'll fit right in), but if its not too cold, you can dine out on the path.

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