Project Management/Collaboration for FreeCAD
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Autore:  davefollmers [ lun apr 02, 2018 7:28 am ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Project Management/Collaboration for FreeCAD


I would like to start a thread and get feedback on the subject of Project Management/Collaboration for FreeCAD.Specifically I would like to build a web based collaboration platform around FreeCAD where people can create projects and then via FreeCAD plugin check-out files, edit them and then "save" them back to the server.I'm interested in what features people would want to see in such a system.Before anyone asks, I'm likely not going to implement fancy version management, it'll be a much simpler check-in/check-out model to start.
Also, how useful would it be to be able to share your screen with others? This would make it easier to view/discuss a model in a remote team environment. Everyone would have to have the file locally and a server would send camera angle/position to all observers so that they can see the same part of the model that everyone else sees.I'm open to ideas and suggestions. What would be useful in a collaborative environment?

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